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Welcome To Wills Made Simple

The simpler way to
write your Will

There are many things to consider when making a Will. We will do all the hard work for you and help you navigate the traps and pitfalls.

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Welcome to Wills Made Simple

Wills Made Simple provides you with a professional Will-drafting and advice service. We are highly experienced in estate planning and Will writing and fully regulated. We offer an easy to use and friendly service, designed around your needs. Get started today.

Writing Your Will

The only way to fully protect your loved ones and ensure your assets go to those you care about most.

Lifetime Estate Planning

Our service offers advice on your exposure to Inheritance Tax and offers strategies and guidance on how to avoid or minimise its impact.
Getting Everything Together

An easier way to make your Will

Making a Will won’t kill you – on the contrary it’s likely to bring you some peace of mind.

We promise not to use legal jargon and to ensure that you fully understand any necessary legal terminology and how it contributes to your wishes being upheld.

Your needs and convenience come first.

You won’t get shoe-horned into some pre-packaged Will, but will experience an affordable and individual service tailored to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?

Cost depends on complexity. What may seem complex can have a simple solution, but equally what you think is simple may be complex. Once you have booked in a free consultation we can discuss your requirements and give you an in-depth forecast of charges. 

Is there a set price?

No. The vast majority of Wills fall within the range of £150 to £450, but the upper end reflects clients with WIlls that have a level of complexity. For a fairly typical joint Will for husbands and wives with children, reflecting a common set of wishes, a sensible budget is about £265 total.

What if I don’t make a Will?

The state decides who gets what under a pecking order called the rules of intestacy – those are unlikely to be satisfactory. Why would anyone not want to control the destination of their own property when they die?

What if I have a property abroad?

Wills with a foreign element are complex and there are many issues involved, and by the same token, Non-UK citizens living here also need specialist help and guidance, which is why a free consultation is perfect for these situations.

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