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The making of a Will often throws up other problems. Tax efficient Wills alone can only do so much. You may need or benefit
from other actions or services.

Cost depends on complexity. What may seem complex can have a simple solution, but equally what you think is simple may be complex. Once you have booked in a free consultation we can discuss your requirements and give you an in-depth forecast of charges. 

No. The vast majority of Wills fall within the range of £150 to £450, but the upper end reflects clients with WIlls that have a level of complexity. For a fairly typical joint Will for husbands and wives with children, reflecting a common set of wishes, a sensible budget is about £265 total.

You need to budget at least £150 for an entry level simple single Will. There are also what are termed “happy family Wills” for husbands and wives with children. This is a sort of joint Will that reflects a set of typical uncomplicated wishes for such families. For those a sensible starting budget is £265, covering both Wills.

We don’t work that way.  The risk of mistakes and misunderstandings is multiplied.  If we chose to work that way, yes you might get a cut-price service but it would be only by cutting corners.  We prefer not to have your business at all than to provide a service to you which is second rate.

Firstly, not every estate will need to be administered under Probate. We are happy to offer a free discussion of your needs and an opinion on whether it will be necessary to obtain Probate of a Will (whether or not we have drafted it).

Whilst we do not personally assist in making applications for Probate we are happy to refer you on to third party providers who offer full probate packages, or if you prefer limited support services for non-contentious applications.

The state decides who gets what under a pecking order called the rules of intestacy – those are unlikely to be satisfactory. Why would anyone not want to control the destination of their own property when they die?

Wills with a foreign element are complex and there are many issues involved, and by the same token, Non-UK citizens living here also need specialist help and guidance, which is why a free consultation is perfect for these situations.

No.  Not under any circumstances.  We have no vested interest in gaining control of your assets. We can however advise you on the suitability of different candidates and the pro’s and con’s of your choices

We are obliged to keep a record all complaints – it is reassuringly short – and to maintain a written complaints procedure as required by The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners (“SWW” for short) which we will supply to you on request. If you are unhappy at how your complaint has been handled you can refer it to the SWW for resolution, and we will give you whatever assistance is needed to use the complaint handling procedure.

You should make a list of your main assets and liabilities and their approximate values. You don’t have to do an inventory – but we need sufficient information to understand the value of your estate – and of course we need to know about the people you want to benefit – details of their names, ages and addresses. Any charitable organisations you would also like to benefit should be included in your list.  You can make a start if you wish by downloading a questionnaire – just click here to download 

Arrangements for storage differ. We will assist you (if required) in arranging a secure storage option with a trusted third party. We will also undertake registration of the Will with Certainty (the National Will Database) which has a record of the existence of over 8.5 million Wills. This will help to ensure your wishes are not overlooked and that anyone attempting to administer your estate becomes aware that you made a Will and when you made it. However, the terms of your Will and its location remain confidential. Only when you die is its location declared and then only to persons who can establish a legitimate interest who can also supply evidence of your death.

Getting Started

Four simple steps to protecting you and your loved ones

Get in touch

Give us a call on 01536 312 617 or enter your details on our contact form and we’ll arrange your free consultation appointment. We can visit at a time that suits you, day or evening, including weekends.

Arrange a free consultation

We can visit at a time that suits you, day or evening. Let us know the best day and we will arrange a home visit that is convenient for you.

Discuss your requirements

Within the consultation we can discuss all your hopes and objectives. We may offer other options or solutions that could work well for you needs, but you finally decide. If you prefer, you can download and complete the Background Questionnaire by clicking here and forward it to us for an initial chat about your wishes

Get the Will that you need

After our consultation we will set up a draft Will for you to have a look over and make sure it completely meets your wishes before it is finally signed off. 

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